How long is the show?

A typical show is between 20 – 40 minutes. Performance may include finger cymbals, sword, cane, and veil. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation.

Will she bring music?

A burned CD that is tailored to your event will be provided. The venue should have a good quality sound system that plays CDs.

Is it appropriate for children?wedding1-300x200

All performances are family friendly. Children love to dance and appreciate the show too.

What kind of music is used?

Music will be engineered to be the perfect match for your special event. Types of music may include: Latin, Brasillian, North African, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Afghani, and Indian.

What if I need more than one belly dancer?

Ask about booking an award-winning group of beautiful, talented and professional belly dancers. Adriana collaborates with other professional troupes and artists to provide big-stage, extravaganza performances for large venues.

What about tipping?adriana@morcoccas1-300x225

Gratuity may be added to your payment, usually about 20 to 40%. However, while tips are appreciated, they are never obligatory.

How far in advance should I book?

The sooner the better. Last minute shows, booked within two weeks, may be accommodated if you are flexible when the show starts.

By confirming your performance request you are agreeing to Adriana’s Bookign policy of no refunds. If your show has to reschedule or cancels with in 2 weeks of the date and you have paid Adriana in full then the credit will be applied to a later date and time. There is no expiration for a postponed show and you will be given priority over other shows on the agenda.

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